piano and orchestra (1972)

1- afl- 0- 1 - bcl - 0 0 - 3 - 3 - 0 2perc(vib, xyl, bngs, tom-t, wdbl, temp bl, almglocken, bells, mar, glsp) hp cel - eorg 2vc - db


Commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

First Performance: 1972, BBC Symphony Orchestra - Conductor: Pierre Boulez - Piano: Roger Woodward


Mésalliance is indeed more than a piano concerto. In this compelling and impressive work, ideas are carried through brilliantly.
— Melos, Germany

Mésalliance is a sort of mad concerto. It ends on a fantastic cadenza which threatened to (and did) bring the house down.
— The Guardian, London

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