"chains like the sea"

two movements for orchestra (2008)

1. "the Sabbath rang slowly"
2. "rivers of the windfall light"

4( 4picc) - 2 - ca - 4(4bcl) - 3(3cbn) 4 - 3 - 2 - btbn 4perc(vib, cym, tam-t, wdbl, b.d, almglocken, tub bells, mar, maracas, tr, bngs, tom-t, xyl, crot, clav, tamb, tam-t, button gong) 2hp cel pno str( players approx.)


Commissioned by the New York Philharmonic

First Performance: October 1, 2008 New York, NY, New York Philharmonic ? Conductor: Lorin Maaze


Mr. Rands creates pieces filled with technical demands that make them gratifying to the performer, as well as sufficient sensual beauty to appeal to listeners. Rands has an unerring knack for lucid orchestration; here, scintillating details regularly pricked through an overall melancholy tone....and seemed to leave behind a humid, bluesy wilt in their wake. The orchestra's polish and commitment earned a warm reception from the audience.
— The New York Times


Bernard Rands on "chains like the sea"

Bernard Rands discusses the inspirations for his work "chains like the sea" prior to its 2008 premiere

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